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I often overlook this blog as a means to communicate my every day thoughts about what’s going on in the world. This is a blog – a means of communicating – and dammit, it’s mine and I can say whatever I want. I am just up to my ears in frustration with this Iraq war and the ridiculously soaring rise of gas prices. Am I alone here??????? I certainly think not. Are you people waking up and realizing what’s going on?

I don’t identify with either Republican or Democrat parties, liberal or conservative bias, and my thoughts engender extremes from Fabian socialism to outright Anarchy. Truth is, I don’t care who got us into this mess, the blood is on all our hands – equally upon me and everyone who lives in the nation. Unlike the terrorists – whom can be denounced as radicals, insane, or evil – we have intentionally and consciously brought so much death and destruction in retaliation based on decidedly false facts. This should be cause for riots, protests, and absolute upheaval of our current leadership. We’re going to be lied to and deceived from the truth no matter who is in office or what spin the media takes, and we don’t care because we’re so insulated from having to care with our TV, sports, jobs, and many other distractions.

Why can’t we know everything that happened on Sept. 11th? Where are the surveillance tapes? What about the eye witnesses that claim some alarming details about that day? What about the people who aren’t satisfied with the Sept. 11th commission’s answers – and why was our government so uptight about an investigation in the first place? Why did we really go to war if not for WMD’s – is anyone at all suspicious that ten years ago we were at this same war when our president’s father was in office? All they needed was a reason.  Is everybody just freakin’ numb and too busy with their distractions to ask tough questions? So many people are just towing the line without a critical thought in their head, you freakin “Support Our Troops” ribbon perpetrating idiots. I support the troops coming home, safe, yesterday, and support nothing about this Unconstitutional war.

By stirring this pot, are we really making the world safe or are we putting ourselves in more danger? Could it be that opposition to the US has risen over years, and could possibly have something to do with our foreign policy, past and present? Can a war on “anyone against us” be healthy, sustainable, or fundamentally right? The questions keep coming, the answers rarely come.

I learned in school that one of the steadfast rules of economic behavior is the law of supply and demand. Less supply and high demand equals high prices – while much supply with low demand induces low prices. Concept understood. So just WTF is going on when a hurricane hits one day and gas prices soar as much as 30 percent in one day? The effects have not been measured at that point – the prices rise due to “perceived” supply issues and perceived demand. Our price at the pump is wholly determined by what stock brokers “think” may happen – and we’re ripped off as much as $50 or more a month times tens of millions because of it. Who’s ultimately profiting from this rise, why exactly have costs risen, and whom ultimately holds their hand over these decisions? Few know the answers to those questions and I encourage you to find out. To give you a hint, they’re not elected, they don’t have our best interests in mind, and they have enough money to buy our “democratic” country’s decisions.

Not only that, but we have been told that previous rises in gasoline prices (upwards of 300 percent since the early 90’s – standard inflation is 3-4 percent per annum) are due to instabilities in the middle east. Who created this instability? Who bombed the F*** out of two major oil producing nations, invaded their country and ripped apart their lives, and has been responsible for tens (maybe hundreds) of thousands of deaths? Why was this done if not for one of the most important issues facing the US? Weapons of mass destruction??? Nope. Terrorism? Nope. Saddam Hussein? No. For the benefit of Afghani and Iraq people? Ummm, no. We would rather pay our farmers to not produce food than to share the burden of world hunger. The reason is ultimately to install a favorable government that will be oil & US friendly – something the US has been doing (and we’ve been tolerating) for dozens of years now. We know this happens – history has been exposed and we know, but we’re not paying attention.

Anyway, thanks for this long rant…

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