America & the Left/Right Paradigm

For some time now, America has been stuck in the left/right political paradigm we call by names such as “conservative” and “liberal” or “Democrat” and “Republican.” Many are so biased in these restrictive mentalities that they fail to see the larger issue – the hegemony created by such a paradigm allows the perception of “political revolution” when the vote of the people commands a political shift. There is little doubt that this coming Presidential election will follow the same perceived revolution. If one understands the term “revolution” properly, you will understand when I say that we will end up right where we began, or more appropriately, where we are now and where we are going.

They LiveWhen one studies this paradigm and reviews the actions of political leaders from both sides of the fence, you find that the traditional concepts of liberalism or conservatism commonly manifest themselves quite differently than expected across both parties. This is heavily prevalent in the neoconservative/neoliberal factions that many Americans do not fully understand, but want to believe uphold their traditional values. To cite a brief example, we have neoliberals ushering in rampant corporatism that destroys the environment and the conservatives permitting excessive monetary expansion and ever increasing national debt. What was once black is now grey and what was white is now grey. We have seen the breakdown of the traditional measurements of conservatism or liberalism, and point in fact; there are so many “common denominators” that are creating what I’ve perceived to be a hegemonic single-party state.

Stuck in a political paradigm that’s been sold to us since birth, we’re still accepting the media manipulation and people pleaser buzzwords as the promise for society. Well, I don’t, but chances are, you probably do.

We all know that what political leaders tell us during their election campaigns has little or nothing to do with what they will actually do when in office. Remember, these people are trying to appeal to as many people as possible; therefore they will “support” the sides that they believe will provide them the best chance of election. When it’s convenient to support something, they will do so…but as soon as that stance interferes with their election, we see our political leaders shuffling their ideologies to garner public support. I could cite hundreds of examples, but I think the people instinctively know this.

As President Bush’s approval numbers reach all time lows and the public lacks revere for the direction our country has taken, the “buzz” is all about the political revolution swinging back into leftist control. In recent elections, we have seen an overwhelming dominance of the Democratic Party as people cling to the idea that liberals will bring about “radical change” that will realign our nation. My statement to the world is that the “popular” Democratic hopefuls don’t have this kind of “radical change” in mind.

The ScreamWhat we must understand, whether Republican, Democrat, Independant or whatever…there is a serious drive from neo-brand Republicrats to further corporate power, sell the people into financial slavery and otherwise threaten our sovereignty and well-being as a nation. We are headed towards a surveillance laden, fascist police state that will utterly destroy our freedom and civil liberties. For those that may not be looking at this in the right perspective, a police state and freedom are directly contradictory unless you’re thoroughly immersed in double think. This burgeoning police state is being implemented in the response to “terrorism” and other growing domestic threats, though one must logically ask…how does restricting American freedom result in less risk of international terrorism? Not just that, but if “terrorists hate our freedom,” giving it up means we’re letting “them” win.

It’s time we return to our Constitution, the document that made the U.S.A. great. At a time, we were a beacon for hope and promise. Now we’re a beacon for dominance and invasion, both foreign and domestic. The people of America are great people, but our leaders have gotten out of control. It is up to us, the people that created government, to realize our situation and become informed. From there, we must talk, network and organize to determine the best way we can rein in our government. It’s a tough road but the great leaders of 200 years ago saw it best: a limited government, minimum invasion, proper financial management and overall *freedom* that permits the people to decide what is best. The right to peaceably assemble, talk and think and then take action. We need to return to a government where the people lead, not corporations and politicians with a list of conflicts of interest a mile long.

Once we do this, we will again remember what is important. Freedom is responsibility.

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