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What Do You Know About Mind Control?

I’ve been interested in what I’ve heared termed as “soft” mind control for a long time. “Soft” mind control is best defined as the manipulation of thought through persuasion, appeal and suggestion. It’s extremely prevalent in modern day – television & radio advertising, billboards, signs and other (typically corporate) “mindshare” gatherers. People probably don’t even think of it as mind control, but at a fundamental level, it really is just that. To persuade one into spending money where they otherwise might not, is to manipulate the decision of that person to purchase. Since the basis of a decision is largely formulated in one’s brain, the manipulation of that decision towards one outcome or another is a mild form of mind control. The field of sales, in general, is heavily dependant on discovery & manipulation tactics – we’re all familiar with the “high-pressure” salesman at the car lot or elsewhere. Outside of even this, sales tactics that “urge the customer to buy” have been studied and spoken about for countless years. This type of manipulation has become a science because it’s a formula that works for many people and most people can undeniably be manipulated, even without being aware of it. Though they have all kinds of fancy terms for their techniques, fundamentally…it’s you know what.

Everywhere, everyday we’re exposed to some sort of manipulation that seeks to control our choice. Whether it’s the billboard, the conversation at the water cooler, watching a television show, watching a movie or simply driving down the freeway…we are constantly bombarded with information that manipulates the way we think, act and behave. The power of suggestion is, again at it’s base, a form of mind control…it engages the mind in choice whereas perhaps the choice had not existed before. In some cases, people may participate in mind control without even knowing they’re doing it. Disinformation is a perfect example of this…the people who perpetuate the information largely believe it’s truth, when, in most cases of disinformation, the exact opposite is true.

This field of study has been underway for many, many years. It’s neither secret, nor intended to be – at least until you get into the higher eschelons of the subject. I’ve also done a small amount of research into more advanced mind control – particularly the use of violence to break down a person’s mind to the point where choice can be controlled. It’s interesting and I absolutely know such experiments have taken place. You can’t live in a world that fostered Hitler (and countless other inhumanities to man) and think something like this is out of reach. My interest is found in the scope it’s possibilities and concern over it’s consequence, rather than the perpetuation of the act. In fact, I would decidedly be against mind control in all forms…but that would mean the abolishment of advertising and I’ve learned to pick my battles.

HypnosisFurthering this research of mind control into programs like MK-Ultra, Operation Open Eyes, and others, I’ve re-discovered an interesting gal by the name of Cathy O’Brien that claims (and documented) that she was subject to Federal mind control experiments of a rather horrifying nature. I was turned on to her by a friend of mine that read her book that was stunned by it and felt it was important enough to pass on. After briefly reading about 30 pages of an E-Book version of her book, “Trance Formation In America,” I decided to order her suite of books to get the full spread of information surrounding her case. Probably most interesting to me is their offer of a CD that contains 17,000 Government documents they’ve obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, of which many have since been re-classified by the current administration. These documents will hopefully be very beneficial to furthering my knowledge of mind control experiments that have been conducted in official capacity.

Interestingly enough, I met Cathy O’Brien years ago at a David Icke conference. She was there, getting the word out. I was in a whole different place then…the subject of her story hadn’t really been that interesting to me at the time because I was focused on other ideas. With the subsequent furthering of my knowledge and awareness of “soft” mind control and the other control mechanisms that exist in every day society, I suppose that I am now finally ready to absorb the information at the level that it must be absorbed. Until I was capable of seeing the small manipulation and the larger government/media manipulation, as well as having a much more solid understanding of history and “how the world works,” I don’t think I would have been ready to read this kind of material with a truly open mind. It’s just too controversial, too forward, too scary.

I still haven’t read the full books but am committed to keeping an open mind about the subject. I’ve found it best to approach issues without preconceived notions of what is and what isn’t. My initial pre-read caught my interest because the book didn’t strike me as subversive or the work of a mad-woman…I thought to myself, “Hmmmm…this has the potential for plausibility…I need to know more.” So, off I go to research the interesting subject of mind control again…

If this peaks your interest, you can find more information from Cathy O’Brien’s website or you can read the electronic version I received here. If you find this interesting and plausible, I would encourage you to support her work by purchasing materials. If it’s really true, she needs all the help she can get.

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