Proof Ron Paul Loves Me & Wants Me To Be Happy

I did something today that I’ve never done before in my life. I donated money to a presidential campaign – specifically, Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign. It was a piece of cake, I feel good about it and for a moment, I was recognized world-wide for it.

Ron Paul’s campaign website provides instant feedback for those who donate to their campaign – names scroll across a graphic, showing the most recent people who have donated. I wondered if these names were real people…there were so many that I’d seen over the last few weeks since they introduced it. Well, I’ve got absolute confirmation it’s real. Within seconds of my donation, my name graced the graphic for several minutes…I liked it. It was fun, encouraging and best of all…personalized. What a great personal touch for the rather “mundane” act of giving money to a politician?

Jeff Whiteside's Ron Paul Donation

As of my donation to this writing (about ten hours), the total has gone from $539,617 to $588,448…yeah!! How about over half a million in ten days? RP supporters – you ROCK! Let’s keep it going!

If you haven’t heard, Ron Paul is shooting to raise over $12 million dollars by December 31st. If you also weren’t aware, Ron Paul recently raised over $5 million dollars for his campaign, surpassing the relatively dismal efforts of almost all the other candidates. His message is being spread by thousands of grassroots supporters in a blinding effort to raise awareness to the great things he could do for our nation. Where Ron Paul has held the title of internet superstar, the people that believe in him are insuring that it goes well beyond just that…we’re putting real dollars in the bank, and we’re hittin’ the streets making sure you’ve heard about him. We’re gonna make sure he’s the GOP candidate. We’re not just talking Ron Paul revolution, we’re walking it.


Ron Paul RevolutionA lot of us Americans have had this uneasy feeling about the direction our country has taken. This is not a new feeling – it’s been gradually building over the course of many Presidential terms. We’ve bounced between neo-con and neo-liberal factions for a couple decades now and the “massiveness of scale” of our ever-increasing government is finally being recognized as a huge financial liability. As our national debt hovers just under $10 trillion dollars and inflation pushes our cost of living higher and higher, a lot of us are wondering how we could ever pay that down…especially if we continue to overspend, decade after decade. Many of us are growingly concerned over dependence on foreign money…concerned because it has implications that affect our nation’s sovereignty.

Bush & Congress have really screwed up our country. In so much as the Patriot Act, the military tribunals, the Real ID act, prisoner torture, the North American Union and other laws that have all but chipped our Constitutional freedoms to dust, we’re just not the same nation as we once were. I personally know an American on the “no fly list” and they’re neither a criminal or a terrorist. My friends have died because of this war. These were irrational acts of fear, perhaps acts of purpose, not determinate acts of protection.

As far as I am concerned, there’s one item in Ron Paul’s campaign that really stands out…and it’s what has inspired me to not just vote for Ron Paul, but to be one of those grassroots activists that insists he get into office. “Stop the national ID card.” Sure, I support the idea of limited government, ending the IRS, getting out of Iraq now, international non-intervention, stopping deficit spending – but the whole Real ID national drivers license is a really bad thing for America. My blood boils when I think about having to accept a microchipped driver’s license in 2009. If we’re to be a free nation, we cannot allow government to track our every move through RFID tracking chips found in our driver’s licenses. I tell you now – that IS what the Real ID will do. Ron Paul’s committed to stopping it…Hillary, Obama, Giuliani…pretty sure they’re for it.

If any of this concerns you, well, there’s finally something you can do about it.


Help Ron Paul help US…donate today. It’s fun, you’ll be famous for a moment and you’ll be participating in what could be the most important fight for freedom ever waged in America. Even if it’s $25…with Paul’s frugality, he’ll make that go a long way.

If you haven’t joined your local Meetup group & you want to make a real difference for America…get started today!

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  • Mom Oct 13, 2007 Link

    It’s almost at $800,000.00 now. I am glad to say that I was a very small part of that. I watched it gain over $1,000 in 15 minutes!!!

  • Jeff Oct 13, 2007 Link

    That’s over $200,000 in just a couple days. Thanks to people like us, that ticker is rising higher and higher with each passing minute! It’s so encouraging! Thanks Mom…Love you!

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