The Global Warming Band-Aid…

So, I’ve been seeing a lot about water powered vehicles lately. This technology has been around for some time (I have copies of patents going back to the early 80’s), but somehow the technology just simply wasn’t allowed to exist. Probably because it seriously threatens major oil profiteers and other interests that have billions of dollars to insure that you don’t hear about it. The cat’s out of the bag these days, though…we got it on video!


I was also thinking about this global warming problem, right? Now, I’ve researched both sides of the arguments and it’s clear that no one has any idea what’s going on. One side says there’s no evidence of humans causing global warming…and another side says, oh my God, look out, we’re all gonna die. Some even say there is no global warming, and yet even others would forget to breathe if it weren’t pre-programmed into our brains. While all these politicians and so-called experts doddle on what-ever-to-do about this supposed problem, I came up with a band-aid.

The world’s oil consumption is somewhere around 87 million barrels per day, or approximately 3.65 billion gallons *per day*. The proposed major problem with global warming is that sea levels might rise and cause major flooding of coastal towns, right?

Water Vehicle!So, to band-aid the earth of all it’s supposed global warming woes, all we gotta do is switch to water powered vehicles, start sucking that 3+ billion gallons of water per day out of the sea and we’ll neutralize the global warming threat. And since there’s about 326 million trillion gallons of water on earth, that’ll last us for the next 244 million years, plus or minus a couple years.

This method has some major benefits, aside from the obvious of using a clean fuel.

We can keep doing whatever the heck we want to do without worry…like driving our ten wheel diesel trucks to pull obscenely oversized RV’s, pumping cubic foot after foot of putrid nastiness into the air, and God-forbid, we can keep breathing without having to pay a tax just to be alive. To boot, we’ll eventually get more real estate to solve our burgeoning population problem. We’ll also get better weather unless you live in Arizona or Dubai – in which case, I hate to break it to you, but people were not designed to survive living in a desert.

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