Ron Paul On Global Banker Summit

One of the greatest flaws of the modern American economy is that most Americans don’t understand it.  If the people readily understood it, there would be protests in the streets tomorrow.

Tomorrow is not as far off as it seems.

This coming weekend, I will be joining thousands of others across the country in the first ever nationwide organized protest of the Federal Reserve.  On November 22nd, at every Federal Reserve branch across the nation, individuals will rally against the fiat reserve currency system and the wealthy demons behind it.  Our purpose?  To educate and raise awareness to the Federal Reserve – the private entity to which Americans owe trillions of dollars to and those who rule us through money.

You can join us too…End the Fed is coming on 11/22 to a city near you!

If you’re so inclined, check out this recent video from Ron Paul on the results of the recent international central banker meeting.  The things that are going on in the financial sectors today are some of the most pressing issues facing us today.  I suggest we heed Paul’s advice and admit our mistakes and accept reality as soon as possible.


And here’s the question Paul referred to in the video above.


And on a fantastic note, Ron Paul has not entirely ruled out running for President in 2012.  Spread the word!!!!  As for me, I hope to be campaigning again for Paul by the middle of next year.  With three years to prepare, I think we’d have a serious shot.

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