End The Fed Report – Helena, MT

As I mentioned last week, I traveled up to Helena, MT yesterday to attend the “first ever” organized national protest of the Federal Reserve bank.  It was an opportunity to stress our concerns over the ever mounting national debt, the countless corporate bailouts, and other issues facing the economic state of our country today.

I had a great time.  About 30 people gathered at it’s high point – not bad considering that many had to travel several hours there and back just to be there.  There were dozens of hand made signs – saying everything from “End The Fed” to my sign, which read, “Wake up.  You owe THIS bank $35,000.00!”  I had several folks comment that they liked my sign and an attending family voted it as “the best.”  🙂

Despite our efforts, it wasn’t possible to get local news media down there.  Apparently, nothing happens in Helena on Saturday or Sunday…so the news crews just simply don’t come to work that day.  Even if it means breaking the biggest story of the last century – “Private federal reserve bank steals trillions from American taxpayers.”  Oh, well.

The response from the area was mixed – a large majority looked on in a confused state; looking at our signs and then looking at the bank with the words “Huh?” going through their minds.  Some were very supportive…honking and waving at us…some even making a second trip to amplify their support.  Then there were the two who apparently didn’t understand what we were protesting and opted to give us the one finger salute.  They must’ve thought we were protesting the war or something.  We were able to distribute literature to quite a few stopping cars.  One of the young & spunky gals was marvelously effective at shoving bags stuffed with good info into closed windows on vehicles.  Nonetheless, it was a great opportunity to get the message out and I’m certain that at least some people are better off today because of it.

As for me, I’ll definately be there next year on 11/22.  And I hope in the coming year we can rally additional support and get hundreds of folks out there.  I’m certain that if the economy stays on it’s current track, by this time next year a LOT of folks are going to be pissed off enough to do something about it.

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