Drunkin’ Blogging

What the hell.  I decided to give it a spin.  🙂

Under normal circumstances, I opt to not blog whilst intoxicated – but it occurred to me that I had never done it before.  So, why not give it a whirl.  I have a backspace, right?

I’m making a mix album at the moment, for reasons I will not specify.  Essentially, it’s a CD that compiles several songs that I feel describes a moment in my life.  At this time, I’m listening to it in it’s entirety to insure it suits the purpose for which it’s been created.  So far, so good.

I love winter time.  It’s the time of year where Deschutes Jubelale comes about and this years batch returns to it’s roots of the yummy pre-2006-era batches.  This years batch is particularly drinkable & festive – it warms the soul rather well.  I’ve enjoyed the recent six pack and have also discovered a venue that sports it on tap.  (Hard to do when you’re hundreds of miles from the brewery!!)

I hope it snows soon.  I’m feelin’ the need for winter and over the last several years, have become accustomed to significantly more active winterness than my hometown of Portland, OR.  I’ve come to love travelling around Montana this time of year, with the many snow-capped mountains we have here.

I love music.  It is my diffuser, my friend, my lifelong companion.

End of drunkin’ blog post

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