Change & Obama’s Cabinet Appointments

I’ve been meaning to get the time to comment on Obama’s recent choices for his cabinet appointments.  Things are shaping up exactly how I thought they would.  The power circle will remain with the reigns of the “haves” that always have.

First, and probably foremost, we can’t ignore the Secretary of State position that has been offered and accepted to none other than Hillary Clinton.  While this makes some of those rabid leftist Clintonites happy, I’m sure…this is a very clear throwback to not-so-way back.  ‘Nuff said.

Next in the line up, Eric Holder…appointed to Attorney General…who’s history as #2 in the Clinton Justice department is another clear regression back to Clinton era politics.  Here we have a guy who advocated the pardoning of Marc Rich, an international commodities trader who was convicted of tax evasion and illegal oil-trading with Iran during the Iranian hostage crisis.  A man who clearly respects the law, I’m sure.

Then of course we have Biden’s Chief of Staff, Ronald Klain who served as Al Gore’s Chief of Staff.  You starting to see a pattern here yet?  Klain also acted as one of Fannie Mae’s political lobbyists.  Nothing says “insider” like a reprise act…this “change” is starting to look like margarine vs. bovine growth hormone infused butter.

John Podesta, head of Obama’s presidential transition team, served as Clinton’s chief of staff.  Mmmmm…margarine.  He’s also the CEO of the liberal think tank American Progress who ignorantly blames Bush for our economic woes, yet also promotes and advocates tax-payer bailouts.  Apparently they haven’t done any historical research and they believe that such things actually work.

Oh, and to fill the “change” out even further, we have Rahm Emanuel as Obama’s chief of staff, who conveniently served as one of Clinton’s advisers.  Next up, Greg Craig, who formerly represented Clinton in his many legal troubles.  We’re also going to see further former Clinton team members in Obama’s cabinet, such as William Daley, Carol Browner and Federico Pena.

It was once said that, “There’s nothing new under the sun.  There’s only history you haven’t learned yet.”  So true that is.

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