The Brits Want Their Guns Back!

It’s a good thing I didn’t tell anyone about that New Year’s resolution that I wanted to blog more.  🙂  Bang up job so far!  Dang, it’s almost February and I haven’t even wished my one or two viewers a happy New Year!

So, I’m inspired today because of a video I watched over lunch.  Now that our country is swinging back to left, it’s time to vigilantly guard our right to bear arms.  Rumors are a flying about gun bans and so forth and I thought I’d put a subtle reminder out there about why we have such rights to begin with.

This video is case in point why we will NEVER surrender them in this country.


I also wanted to put my 2 cents in about the Obama thing now that he’s our President and all.  I haven’t quite gotten on board yet, but I must say that I appreciated his inaugural speech.  Of course, the words “LIE” and “You’ll never be able to do that” were coming to my head far too frequently while watching…but nonetheless, I listened and I want to believe the speech.

SOOOOOOO…for those of you who didn’t get it, what he’s telling us is that it’s up to US to do what he’s talking about.  He didn’t say, “Go back to your homes, watch your TV and let me take care of it.”  He said we need to ACT and I fully agree with him.

So all your Democrats and koolaid drinkin’ Republicans out there…let’s particpate in this Republic again.  Get educated.  Write a letter to Congress.  Join an activist group.  Start a cause.  Do something.  I say that as much for myself as I do any others that might come across this.  Let’s hold him to the fire!

You want to end the wars?  Make it known.  You want sound monetary policies because you see our nation spiraling into debt?  Demand it.  You want to keep every firearm in your arsenal?  Defend them.  You want end the corporate bailouts?  Protest them.

If WE don’t, WHO will????  Not the politicians, I can guarantee you that.


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