US Treasury Sells Out To The Federal Reserve?

I recently received an interesting email that the US Treasury has apparently sold out the entire remains of the United States gold to the Federal Reserve for a steal – at nearly $900 per ounce less than current market values.  I have read several articles as of late relating to the balance statements of the Federal Reserve and it’s been pretty clear that there have been some drastic changes in the last few months.  My research has indicated that the balances are further out of whack than has ever been seen historically.  To put it simply, the percentage of loans vs. the retained assets of the Federal Reserve have been heavily skewed towards the loan side.  To put it in layman’s terms, it would similarly relate to a person making $30,000 a year taking out a loan for a million bucks.

Here is the copy of the email I received:

The entire 260,540,028 oz of Gold that was previously held by the U.S. Treasury has been issued to the Federal Reserve during the period of Feb 11-18, 2009 at a cost of $42.22 per troy oz.  The Federal Reserve issued credits to the U.S. Treasury  in the amount of $11 billion in federal reserve notes.  This transfer of gold represents the nation’s entire official gold stock.  In other words, a private bank, never having an independent financial audit, now  has all our nation’s real wealth!!!

It’s bad enough selling our gold, but why not at current market price of $950.00??  Are the taxpayer’s getting ripped off once again???

(The above information was released by the Fed on Feb 19,2009 in their Factors Affecting Reserve Balances–H4.1, table 8, page 1.)

I am not inclined to believe this information without first confirming it through the sourced references.  I was quickly able to find the sourced reference on the web, directly from the Federal Reserve’s web site.  You can check the information for yourself.

Though I am not an expert in these matters, I have had a fair amount of difficulty deriving the supposed stated facts from the sourced reference.  Specifically, I noted that the table referenced does not directly indicate any specific gold purchases, nor do any of the supposed values or purchase prices add up anywhere in the tables.  There is a row for gold certificate accounts which indicates zero change from both last week and last year.  So, with that said, I’m not entirely ready to believe the information I received in the email.

Through this research, though, I did take note of something interesting however, and I would like to bring it to your attention.  The assets relating to the Federal Reserve balances did increase at an abnormal rate.  If you look at the total assets and their reported changes compared to the previous week and previous year, you’ll see an asset increase on the magnitude of 72 billion dollars since February 11th.  Some simple math indicates this increase is just under twice the average week-over-week increase that we typically see.

Of deepest concern though is WHERE the increase of assets is coming from.  Interestingly, when looking at the referenced table, it’s pretty clear the largest increase has come from “securities, repurchase agreements, term auction credit and other loans.”  These are typically not real, tangible “right now” assests, but rather promises to pay and other IOU based assets.  Even more alarming is the breakdown of these sources and the elements that make them up.  If you take note, the “mortgage backed securities” increased this week at a rate 46 TIMES higher than the average week over week increases.  Some quick math shows the average weekly increase (total yearly divided by 52) is about 1.25 billion dollars.  In just this last week, that very same element increased by almost 58 billion dollars!

So what’s the deal?  Well, if you did any research on “mortgage backed securities” through the link I provided in the last paragraph, you’ll find that these are typically mortgage based loans, primarily in the residential markets.  Boiled down, that means that mean the Federal Reserve just bought a rather hefty percentage of the home loans and other property loans in the United States.  They’re well on there way to owning you, your life and your property.  No longer is it primarily the US taxpayers “promises to pay” (e.g. US Treasury bonds) that are backing up the dollar, but now your homes and property is what is giving it value.  That’s a very deep concern for me, especially considering it’s the private bankers at the Federal Reserve that have gotten us into this mess to begin with.

Even deeper, though, if you look at the other reported figures that millions may be defaulting on their home loans over the course of 2009 due to the economic recession…this could spell out a recipe for disaster.  As the Fed takes possession of our former homes, one-by-one they will begin to own and control huge percentages of personal property out there.  These guys are smart – they have the power to do this and they are beginning to exercise it.  They’re the biggest bank on the block and they’re priming themselves to control America, all the way down to our land and structures.

I did expect some increase of assets by the Fed though I wondered how they were going to do it.  It was essential because the huge loans that are being made to the US for bailouts and other disreputable causes have thrown the Fed’s balance sheet far too out of whack.  Foreign countries, banks and investors are looking at this to derive the stability and desirability of the US dollar and treasury bonds – getting too far out of balance would result in these entities going elsewhere for their investments.  I think we’ve reached the teetering point where the US taxpayers no longer have the ability to repay the huge debts that have been created – and now, the Fed is putting our private property on the line too.

The times, they are a changin’!

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