Don Harkins (1963 – 2009)

I learned today, with great sadness, that one of my friends and one of our great patriots has passed away.  Don Harkins, founder and editor of the Idaho Observer, left us early this morning due to complications from a rapid onset of acute myeloid leukemia.

I learned about two weeks ago that he had entered intensive care, shortly after returning from a trip to Montana.  The news was quite disheartening, but I knew that many people would be praying for him and that he would receive the best care.  Over the course of two weeks, it would seem that his condition was rapidly improving – he regained consciousness, he was able to get off life support, and was ultimately able to leave the ICU.  It would seem that our prayers were being answered, but in hindsight, it was just a moment for him to know that he was loved by many people and to spend time with his closest loved ones.

From what I understand, he was ready to go and knew that he was going to see our Creator.  He was around all his closest people and, thank God, he was able to say goodbye and leave on the best of terms.

I am quite sad to see him go – I have read his paper, the Idaho Observer, for the last several years and worked with him closely in both Washington and Idaho’s Ron Paul presidential campaigns.  He was a great patriot who dedicated his life to informing the people, spent countless hours trying to make this world a better place and one who stood up for truth and justice, even when it wasn’t the most popular stance.  He was far too young to leave us, but I know he is in a better place now and I hope that he is able to look upon the legacy that he has left.

Don Harkins – you were deeply loved, will be greatly missed and I pray that I may see you again.  In memoriam.


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