A Post That’s Not About Posting

So, well…it seems I’ve completely failed for my last two new years resolutions by not updating this blog.  It’s turned out to be somewhat like an in-law – you want to know it’s OK, will give it money when needed and may even check in from time to time, but constant contact…unthinkable!  I promise not to turn this post into a post about posting more…because, well, I’ll still do what I do and you’ll still get what you get.  Promises made to a computer technically don’t count, anyway.  And, so far, my long standing offer of being paid to blog goes yet unfulfilled.

There’s probably a lot I could write about.  Some good.  Some bad.  Some might even be therapeutic and good for me, given my circumstances.  Things aren’t terrible…but they have been and could be better.  I could also probably rant forever on any given mundane subject, argue the devil’s advocate or even tell a story about how this once hacker-gone-corporate career is going for me.  This post really doesn’t have a point…it’s just to get my words, my thoughts on the freaking page sometime in the year of 2011.

There’s plenty of the “heavy” that I could go on about.  Sheesh, my last post about gold had it at just over $1000 an ounce (now $1840) and silver was hovering at $14 an ounce (now $44!).  Compared to gold, we’ve seen almost an 80% devaluation of the dollar…and according to silver, we’re at nearly 300% devaluation.  I keep talking and only a few are listening.  But, those who have listened have certainly not regretted their decisions.

I was sent this thing from MoveOn.org the other day about a movement that would apparently bail out college/education loans.  I applaud the argument to actually help people, rather than private bankers and industrial complexes, but really?  They want to bail out the people who have their whole life in front of them?  I admit, a lot of college grads these days are working in service positions and other fields that don’t require formal education, and thus are being paid less than they deserve.  I’m sorry.  The problem is that our country’s policies don’t favor continental US industry anymore.  The problem is our trade agreements shipping our jobs to cheaper sources of origin.  The problem is inflation continues to devalue the dollar and things cost more.  The problem is, even given a choice, we’ll buy something from China rather than the USA because it’s cheaper.  You can bail out a bum for a lot cheaper, but unless the underlying issues are corrected…that person will remain a bum.

I’m doing something pretty cool this coming weekend.  Going to take the Magruder Corridor across the Rockies, from Idaho back into Montana.  It’s been termed the “longest continual gravel road” in the world at just over 101 miles.  It’s an old road that used to connect Lewistown, ID with Virginia City, MT for trade and mining purposes and now only this section over the Rockies remain.  Apparently, it was popular with the gold traders and back in 1863, some folks were murdered along the corridor upon returning from Virginia City to Lewistown including one prominent Lloyd Magruder, for which the trail is named after.  It’ll be good to get my Pathfinder out on some gravel roads, spend a couple nights under the stars and get a brief lesson in US history.

I did it.  Words on a page in 2011.  Sorry for the ramble, but felt like writing & just didn’t have a clear direction.

P.S.  Google Ron Paul 2012


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