Noam Chomsky @ Gonzaga University

Noam Chomsky

Tonight I was able to see Noam Chomsky speak at Gonzaga University. For those who are unaware, Noam is touted as one of the most important intellectuals and speakers of our time. At 76 years old, the former MIT professor with a doctorate in linguistics has provided much to the intellectual community and better understanding for all of our current state of affairs. I have been reading him for some time and have thoroughly enjoyed his well-researched and original perspectives on many topics. This evening he spoke upon the subject of global dominance and the globalization quest of American policy makers.

He covered many topics, from “Bush doctrine” and historical accounts of attempted global dominance to oil interests and recent nuclear policy developments. Of particular concern to Noam was the nearing NPP policy renewal that may get removed entirely – potentially creating a hostile nuclear power-mad driven world that we are all too familiar with from the Cold War era and the Cuban missile Crisis. I enjoy Chomsky because he speaks to many, many topics – yet they all relate to his overall subject matter. Though at times it seems tangendental, he always brings it back around and connects those dots. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him! He will be visiting Pullman, WA tomorrow and will continue touring a selective university circuit as he has been doing for many years.

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