Hotel Room In Othello, WA

Well, I’m slightly bored out of my mind with some down time and I haven’t updated this site since April. I’ll try better next time. Sorry, but I have to have a life. Actually, I have a job that affords minimal life time.

I’m sitting in a Best Western hotel room in Othello, WA. Othello is a dump of town about two hours out of Spokane, WA. Sorry if you’re from Othello, but good GOD, get some culture. This evening I took an adventure and wandered around the white trailer trash neighborhoods that seem to make up this town. I then went in search of a good place to take photos, but everywhere outside the city is private property. The bar (yes, there’s apparently only one) doesn’t serve good beer – though their food was OK, the clientele were playing video poker while attempting to stay sat on the bar stool. The hotel that I’m staying at has a pool and it’s warm enough to take a dip, but sadly, there was nasty leaves, needles, weeds, and some dirt film slithering over the surface. Not appealing. The night life here consists of neon lights illuminating closed buildings, the aforementioned bar, and a 24 hour gas station on the edge of town.

Anyway, so I’m going to wallow in my misery and subject my dwindling blog readers with accounts from a man who never gets bored that is finding himself about ready to go out of his mind. Good day, all!

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