Got “Real ID?”

As a result of the Real ID Act of 2005, sometime around May of 2008, you will be forced to get a new national identification called “Real ID.” This new identification will function as your driver’s license and will be used to control access to many common freedoms you have today. If you refuse to get this ID, you will be rendered a non-person in society and will not be able to fly, drive a car, enter a federal building, open a bank account, and possibly even get a job or buy groceries. They’ve duped the people into believing this will protect them from terrorism – but in fact, it will do little or nothing to protect us.

When you apply for this ID, your personal information will be scanned, centralized and verified against dozens of databases. Congress has mandated a centrally controlled database for every American’s personal information and has forced all states into complying with the sharing and distribution of every one of our most private details. At the swipe of a card – government agencies, retailers, banks, and other entities will be able to get, track and store all of your personal information due to this centralization. There are no precautions against what this database can store and who can access the information. Personal privacy will be a forgone notion of yesteryear.

These ID’s will contain RFID (Radio Frequency Identifier) chips and will be used to track your movements from a distance. Homeland Security all ready has plans for implementing RFID scanners that will tally your movements through strategic areas. The presence of RFID scanners will eventually become more prominent (such as CCTV cameras are today) and you will not be able to make a move without “Big Brother” knowing about it. RFID’s are widely used today in the retail and commercial industry – allowing for security precautions, inventory management and detailed tracking statistics of product.

Person BarcodeHomeland Security is talking about fingerprinting and retinal scanning the American populace using biometric technologies and putting this information on the ID as well. It will be more than just having your picture taken at the DMV – they’ll be scanning our eyeballs, taking our fingerprints and will put this information on the ID as well as centrally storing the information forever. Previously this type of identification was reserved for people going to jail or prison – well, you better wake up because we’re all getting on the boat to a fascist, Orwellian prison.

In reality, however, it’s a devastating move against personal privacy, will create chaos on the road and at the DMV, and furthers the globalist’s plan to move towards a microchipped, cashless society. If you haven’t figured it out all ready, “terrorism” is an “engineered threat that was created by the global elite to convince us into giving up our personal privacy, human/civil rights and other basic freedoms previously protected by our Constitution and respected inalienable rights. If you’re not quite ready to go there, this “Real ID” will do nothing to protect us as passports, which terrorists don’t have problems getting, will still work as effective documentation for their terrorist activities. Of course, if you’re not doing anything wrong…what do you have to worry about?

If any of the above concerns you, it is critical that you get involved in this right now! Many states are currently considering legislation against Real ID and all will have to approve it individually for it to take effect. Your senators, representatives and governors must know where you stand on this – they will hopefully make their decisions based on the people’s opinion and if you don’t tell them, you might as well be saying “YES” to the Orwellian state. Check out the websites below for more information about what is going on in your state and information about how to contact your state’s leaders. Talk to people about it – I’ve run into far too many people that don’t even know this is going on!

Should we not be successful with anti-Real ID legislation and you don’t plan to get Real ID for protest sake, there are some precautions you need to start taking to insure your survival for as long as possible. First and foremost, get all of your money out of the banking system by the first part of 2008. Any money that would require identification to get should be secured in paper monies or preferably gold or silver so it will not lose it’s investment value due to inflation. Save as much money as you can over the next year and a half (reduce expenses, etc.) so you will have money to work with and won’t have to rely on credit. Migrate away from the use of ATM and Credit Cards as much as possible so it will be easier to work with cash later. Pay off your debt as quickly as possible – try to be debt-free by the end of 2007…but more importantly, make sure you have money saved. You should have a reasonable supply of emergency food and water rations – this is just common disaster preparedness anyway. You should start thinking about a backup plan to move to states that have been successful with anti-Real ID legislation…or worst case, a plan to expatriate. Insure your current ID will work into 2010 or beyond prior to the end of 2007, if possible. Make a list of all things you must present ID for and identify any additional weaknesses that you should take care of.

Are you going to get your Real ID?

For more information about Real ID and what’s being done in your state:

For information on how to contact your state’s leaders:

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