Ron Paul for President…

Ron PaulRon Paul, a representative from the 14th District of Texas, has formed an exploratory committee for whether he should run for President. For those that aren’t familiar with Ron Paul, you should view his Exploratory Committee Video. He is a lighthouse of hope for radical change in foreign policy, reduction in size of government and is truly interested in our Constitutional freedom. I fear that due to his Republican affiliation, many automatically “will not vote for” despite the good he could do for our nation. The situation with this next election is beyond Democrat/Republican…it’s about whether we want a surveillance society, our Constitution further destroyed, and further financial distress. I would encourage you to at least spend a moment of your life to look at his legislative information website and find something of interest to you in his hundreds of posted articles, speeches, and press releases. If you are behind getting America back on track, you could even go so far as to contribute to his campaign.

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