9/11 Truth Movement & The Greatest Lie Ever Told

IlluminatiLet’s get this out of the way: I’m not generally a “conspiracy theorist” – I’m critically minded and have an insatiable appetite for information and truth. I’m both informed of current and historical events and have a decidedly alternative point of view, but also am not inclined to believe outlandish, unsubstantiated or unverifiable information. I do make mistakes, likely believe some incorrect information and admittedly, have not exhaustively chased down every possible fact, figure or point of view. No more so than the rest of us anyway…so…since we’re on the same page and all…

I’ve spent the last couple years immersed in the facts, figures, lies and theories regarding 9/11. I’ve performed countless research hours, read all the available official public documents, watched numerous video documentaries and have otherwise been on a quest to answer the question: Why did 9/11 happen? I’ve studied the what, who, how and where, all to seek the answer to the question of why. I’ve come to some startling conclusions and discovered alarming, widely reported facts. What I absolutely know is that I don’t know what exactly happened that day and there are more suspicious things, discrepancies and questionable logic strewn throughout the official reports than I could reasonably detail in anything less than a book. This clouds the issue of why and induces doubt as to the motives that have been officially observed.

Don't DiscussOur mass media has ignored or minimized this movement of people that seek to answer their questions. Truth seekers, regardless of the information they have discovered, are publicly ridiculed and denounced when they present information that contradicts official reports. They are labeled as traitors and conspiracy theorists, labels designed to immediately diffuse an opponent without actually engaging in discussion or debate of the issue at hand. Many hundreds of thousands of individuals are not satisfied with the government sponsored information because it reeks of a cover-up and fails to accurately address many specific and important issues. This is apparently not news worthy, or perhaps, the controlled mass media doesn’t want people to know?

All one has to do to raise internal suspicion is go on over to the Complete 9/11 Timeline and review the sections for 9/11 foreknowledge and warning signs. It becomes rather clear that this threat has been known for many years, significant enough warnings were heard to justify action, and that Bush’s cronies intentionally ignored the warnings that were received. Nothing was done, the American people were not alerted and no precautions were taken. This alone is enough for me to be angry. I watched Condoleezza Rice say there was no specific threat when quizzed about a top-secret White House Presidential briefing titled, “Bin Laden determined to attack in US.” There may have been “no specific threat,” but thanks to unparalleled incompetence, terrorists met no resistance because not even the slightest precaution was taken. Sure, hindsight is 20/20, but this is the government that we have tasked with protecting our interests and have provided immeasurable funding to do so.

Head In CannonI could go on for paragraph after paragraph relating to questionable statements, illogical conclusions, logical fallacies, perpetuated myths, false statements and suspicious evidence that were used to fabricate the “official” 9/11 story. I could detail conflicts of interest, bold-faced lies, contradictory information and countless items that create doubt with the official story. It’s not in my interest to do so because I’m not here to persuade anyone on what to believe. I’m here to inspire you to do your own research and get you to ask why. I’m here to alert you to the fact that hundreds of thousands of people, maybe more, are questioning the version of events we’ve been told that day.

Bottom line? The official explanation of, [Oops…I guess we fucked up.] and “Terrorists hate our freedom” just don’t cut it for me. If even ten percent of what the 9/11 Truth movement has uncovered is true, we’re in some serious trouble and we have been blatantly lied to.

I know that it’s a painful issue and that most would rather just put that fateful day behind us. If you struggle to grasp your current reality and give no regard to history, I suggest you just keep on trying to grasp now because until you understand how history is relevant to now, you cannot be helped. It is essential that we truly understand history so we can avoid being doomed to repeat it as well as being doomed by it.

Perhaps when I get the time, I will write an article detailing what I see as the most critical issues of 9/11. In the meantime, however, I have a challenge for you. I ask that you watch three video documentaries. After watching these three videos, I dare you to seriously go on believing the official story blindly without question. If you don’t like to watch video on your computer, you can purchase the DVD’s online or can rent them through Netflix or other movie rental service. Without further delay:

Chances are, after watching these, you will see many of the important questions surrounding 9/11. You may even be inspired to do more research and see what other information is out there. I would also encourage you to look into information that debunks the alternative theories as well as the responses to such debunking, so that you may be completely informed. Beware of logical fallacies, strawmen, doublethink and subversive propaganda in your travels – it’s prevalent everywhere. If this is of interest, here are some links to get you started. I do not necessarily endorse the viewpoints of any of these sites…but they do provide many independent thoughts and analysis of varying credibility.

That should be enough to get you started. I really would like to see this movement go mainstream – not because it represents any specific ideals, but rather that at it’s core, it recognizes that it is important to understand history and that to honor the victims, we must know the unadulterated truth. It embodies a desire for truth, accountability and proper research…the beginning of what could be the most important movement in our history.

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