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Patriot IdahoI was recently turned on to the “Idaho Observer,” a monthly rag that reports interesting and critical news that the mainstream fails to provide. After reading an issue, it was quickly apparent that I was the kind of reader for this kind of rag and so it was quickly decided that I would subscribe, if I was able. Well, it was no problem online…and relatively cheap too, compared to the weekly prints like American Free Press. AFP is another great rag, but I just don’t have time to read that plus everything else I read and do…not to mention work and insignificant chores.

At the top of each issue, there’s a boldly printed output of the most recent US national debt figures, and each American’s individual share conveniently calculated for them.  (A feature I wish the mainstream dailies would pick up.  Not gonna see it anytime soon, that’s for sure…not even on page G-14.) Anyway, the news is probably not for the average mainstream-fed consumer, but for a person with a flare for alternative thought, it’s a straight-up rag that’s paying attention.

Well, to make a long story short…usually a subscription to a rag is not something worthy of reporting on my blog…you’ll note I don’t report about my consumerism…what I have, what I bought and so on…unless it fills a purpose or relates to a specific subject.  It’s insignificant in most cases and bores me to death.

With that said, I ordered a two-year subscription, a cheap video and another cheap book…less than $60 total. Don Harkins, the editor of the Idaho Observer, quickly and carefully attended to my package. Not just that, but included in the package was a ton of extra info and un-ordered goodies. I could tell this was a place that operated on a passion, a passion to arm people with information. They went above and beyond and deserve recognition for excellent service and his dedicated cause. It’s rare for me to be overly satisfied…and even more rare to report it on my blog.

May those who know me or stumble across my page know that I recommend that everyone spend $25 for a year’s subscription. May ye be informed and enlightened.

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