O’Reilly For Kids? This Cannot Be…

Was cruising for pix of Bill O’Reilly…anyhow, long story & not quite ready to get into it. While the journey was rather amusing for the most part, I came across something alarming, at least to me:

At first, I thought it to be a joke image…of which there’s many, by the way. But, sure enough, a Google search solidified it for me…it was true. It really exists.

Seriously? Who in their right mind would actually turn to this nutcase wacko for advice on how to, I presume, raise children in this world? I shudder to think of what an O’Reilly world would be…fair and balanced, I decide. We’d have a world full of authoritarian complex-ridden media shills running all over the place.

Oh wait…we all ready have that. Lay off the f’in crack (money, shiny things, etc – whatever keeps you distracted) America. How did this guy ever get anywhere…much less in a place where he can manipulate children? Who actually watches Fox News and likes it? I guess I’m too smart to watch it – I’d say so, I gave up TV in 1997.

Honestly, that may not even be what the book is about…but I have a problem even reading a review for said book. It just goes against certain principles…see, I might find that someone actually liked it and then I’d have to read it which would likely result in screaming at every page and my hope for America will be dashed completely. It’s self preservation, really.

Then of course, I know what I need to know about O’Reilly and Fox News. There’s this video, which pretty much points out about 50% of what’s wrong with Fox News and it’s a good thing I know Bill’s really a JFK conspiracy theorist. Good day.

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