Welcome To America In 2007…

You didn’t think things like this were going to happen…but you can now be arrested and tazered by police for simply asking a question.

In utter disgust, I learned of an arrest and brutal treatment of a young man, by police, for redressing grievances to a public politician in a public venue. He was dragged away, against his will, thrown to the ground, handcuffed and then tazered by police. His crime? He asked some questions.

1984 - We're Behind ScheduleFreedom of speech is gone, America. Freedom to redress grievances is gone, too. Freedom from wrongful arrest has been polluted by a militaristic police state. The protections from tyranny provided by Habeas Corpus are just a faded memory. I get the feeling that most of you don’t really need those freedoms because you’re not doing anything wrong, right? Look around people. Things are wrong, more now than ever.

Don’t believe me? Here it is, straight from YouTube…and oh yeah, that’s kind of a prominent politician in the video. None other than Skull & Bonesman, John Kerry.


Thank God there was a woman who was aware enough to realize what was going on and came to the young man’s defense. That’s like one in a room full of 100. I’d have a complete feeling of disgust if nobody did anything. Especially after the near unanimous round of applause the American people gave just moments before police sent upwards of 800,000 volts through the guy’s body.

From what I understand, there are actually quite a few Americans that believe what happened here was right. I really wish they would go live somewhere else under a more suitable type of government, say Communist. I really just don’t see what was wrong here…a hard question? Has our sense of freedom really been so degraded that we can’t tolerate a question to a public politician in a public venue? The comparison I’ve heard made is that you wouldn’t want someone to come into your house and ask you such questions. Well, one…you’re likely not a public politician living in AMERICA and two, this was a public forum where the public was permitted to ask questions. If not here, then where?

There’s quite a few angles of the incident on YouTube available. Oh, and if you can’t digest any new information without it first being spinned/slanted by the media…you can see they (MSNBC, in this case) are reporting the same evidence and coming to nearly the same conclusion.


Of course, they had to spin the “disruptive behavior” piece, when in fact, had they not interrupted the man, it might have taken a minute or so to ask his three questions. What were his questions? Why, with all the evidence, did you concede the 2004 election so quickly? Are you a member of the skull and bones society? (Fact.) If you’re against going into Iran, why aren’t you calling for Bush’s impeachment before we can enter Iran? All good questions, in my opinion, that the American people should be entitled to know the answers to. Are these questions really enough to be arrested, charged with a crime and sentenced to a criminal record?

What are we going to do about this? Oh, wait…if you get tazered for just asking a goddamn question…what the fuck will they do if we stand up and fight for our rights? Better go back to being sheeple…

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