Ron Paul vs. Bill O’Reilly…You Decide

So, a question…who’s smarter: Bill O’Reilly, media swill and spinmaster, or Dr. Ron Paul, 10th term Congressman from Texas? Well, two things are clear: Bill O’Reilly is still a lying, ignorant idiot and Fox news still has an interest in brainwashing their viewers with fearmongering and lies.


In typical O’Reilly style, he ignorantly fumbles historical fact, rudely interrupts an *Honorable* Congressman, squirms like a tickled school girl when he must avoid confirming his guest’s accuracy, disrupts conversation about sensitive topics so they get no coverage and, worst of all, goes so far as to insult a US Congressman. O’Reilly says himself, “We don’t need a history lesson!” God forbid, it might teach him to have a little more respect for those that lead our nation. Bill, you’re not that good.

Ummm…just for anyone that’s not clear on the subject, the CIA did state that Iran was 10 years away from even possibly having a nuclear weapon and found no evidence of such a program in place. Apparently, Fox news has better sources that say the danger is more like 5 years. Who has more authority…the CIA or the “everybody says” that Fox News just conjured up?

Oh, and notice when Dr. Paul brings up that 50% of the suicide attackers are Saudi…O’Reilly wasn’t going to touch that one. Or the Pakistan reference. Subjects broiling with controversy…and a Google search will pretty much lay it all out for you…but O’Reilly won’t pause for you to think about it. Why can’t we talk about it, O’Reilly?

Just for the record, if O’Reilly told me I was living in Oz and treated me like that, I think I’d throw off my microphone, crawl over the desk and strangle the guy on air. I don’t know how his guests stay so composed when he gets like that. Dr. Paul’s a better man than I.

So you can see what happens when Ron Paul is interviewed by a reasonable host, you can view Bill Maher’s new hero here:


Remember…vote Ron Paul for President in 2008…and stop watching Fox News!

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