O’Reilly’s Ass Handed To Him…

So, was cruising around YouTube the other night and this video caught my eye. I’m always game for any guest that Bill O’Reilly interviews that has the courage to throw it right back in his face. Here, we see Phil Donahue performing an anal-cranial extraction on my most-hated media pundit.

I’m no big fan of Phil Donahue…but I gotta say, I give him props for this one. Anyone that can go toe-to-toe with Bill the moron is at least semi-decent in my book.


I was particularly offended by O’Reilly’s stance that our country should be able to declare war upon whomever they choose without oversight and Congress can only “take action if they want to take action.” O’Reilly is an enemy of the Constitution. He might as well stand for treason.

Hope you enjoy! Remember, if you listen to this moron, I can’t help it if you become ignorant and stupid! O’Reilly’s bad for the brain.

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