How Democratic Representation Works…

Have you ever had a feeling that you pretty much had an idea of how something works, only to find out what you know is completely false? And sometimes the truth is just so far from where you thought it was that you just have to take a step back and say, “Oh my God.” This happens to me all the time.

I’ve discovered something beyond alarming…the voting process involved in the passage of legislature in America has been severely compromised. Where I thought there was order, there is chaos…where I believed in a modicum of integrity, there is ravaging dishonesty. The House of Representatives is a fraud. Our political leaders have allowed something to be that should never, ever (ever) be allowed. I am nearly on my knees as I’ve witnessed the collapse of America’s political constituency.

You need to watch this video:


This video is out of Texas…but implicates a much larger corruption. If it’s this common with Texas representatives…how could it not be going on anywhere else? It’s clear enough that I really need to know more about this.

I could hardly believe my eyes as CBS casually revealed the shattered reality of our Republic’s representation. I reeled as I realized the enormity of it, a massiveness of consequence that betrays almost every shred of respect I may have had for America’s legislative branch. A thousand colloquial “oh my fucking God’s” can’t even begin to express the detestable antipathy that this makes me feel. I can hardly manage to not string together dozens of sordid expletives and venomous word-spears to communicate my response. Let’s just leave it with a simple, “Damnit.”

How, I ask, can you have justice when there are 8 million laws that we can’t even confidently believe were actually voted in legitimately ? And to the lady that was complaining about not having bathroom breaks? Vote for some (we’ll understand, really…) and actually push the damn voting buttons for yourself. I simply don’t trust politicians (or anyone else, for that matter) to leave aside ulterior motives and honestly represent any other…not when there’s so much at stake.

I can’t say it enough…Ron Paul needs to be our next President.

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