The North American Union Conspiracy

Something has come to our attention in the US lately…a so-called Trans-National corridor and the formation of what could be called the North American Union (NAU). The mainstream media has largely debunked these ideas as irrelevant conspiracy theories; conjecture by unwarranted kooks. They say the trans-national corridor is simply a highway maintenance project and the NAU, simply unfathomable. Or at least this is what they’d like you to believe.

See, the mainstream media works on the principle that the majority of their viewers will not research the information presented to them…and though this may be true, to a certain degree, I believe we’re in a time where the media is losing their grip on the American people.

After Ron Paul, GOP Presidential candidate, was asked whether he believed in such “conspiracy theories” at the CNN/YouTube debate last month…I took note that many of the organizations involved in said projects changed their public websites and, in one swooping effort, made a point to sweep the idea that there could be a conspiracy under the rug. The word “conspiracy” has been marginalized in our society…it is not often used for it’s true intent; an organized effort towards a common goal. The mainstream media backed this up by running story after story of how kooky people were that believed these things.

Well, I for one am NOT a kook and I’ve seen substantial evidence supporting the existence of such “conspiracies”. This article is by no means a complete documentation of all the available research and you are, of course, encouraged to come to your own conclusions by doing your own research.

As far as the trans-national corridor, you need only watch Canadian television to discover it’s truth:


Ummmm…wait just a second. What was that? A mid-continent trade corridor, connecting trade markets throughout Canada, the US and Mexico??? Oh, wait, we all know how kooky those Manitoban Legislators are. Who would believe them? Oh, but then there’s the Canamex Corridor Coalition, essentially a lobbyist group for the project, that conveniently removed all mentions of NAFTA from their website after Ron Paul’s debate comments. Oh, wait, and then what’s this…a Mexican company, Cintra Concesiones de Infrastructuras de Transporte, S.A., will be collecting tolls from US citizens that use parts of the freeway?? Hmmmm…looks like there really is a conspiracy.

But what about a North American Union? Lou Dobbs, whom I suppose is a loon too, has reported about it a couple of times. You’d think something like this would be all over the newspapers and television news, but indeed, it wasn’t. Does the question, “Why?” come to mind? There’s a reason for that, too, but it’s outside the scope of this post.



The phrase “North American Union” is merely a phrase coined to describe similar principles by which the European Union was founded upon, only implemented in North America. It’s precise term is the “Security and Prosperity Partnership” and it’s a formal effort by the countries of North America to create a so-called partnership between the countries.

When one dives deep into the Security and Prosperity Partnership, we find some rather startling facts. While on the surface it might appear like a benign trade agreement…when you realize the scope of the plan and the meaning of their words, it becomes quite apparent that this is an alignment of commerce, military, legislation, regulation and policy. What concerns me most is that neither the Congress or the people voted on this agreement / alignment / union / whatever you call it…it was a private & secret agreement that has been forced down our throats.

The resistance to their plan has been so great, that they’ve taken it upon themselves to put together a myth vs. facts page (archive), where it reads like, “No there is no plan for a NAU,” “No, it won’t infringe on sovereignty,” “No there wasn’t an agreement signed,” no this, no that. It’s quite unimpressive to the inquisitive mind, really. Especially when a click away you can see their latest progress, which clearly shows a discrepancy over many of their supposed “facts” stated on their myths vs. facts page. It’s right out there in the open…an open conspiracy, if you will…that illuminates many additional interests other than just commerce involved in this partnership.

So, it would appear that Ron Paul and the other “kooks” that believe in the existence of this stuff aren’t so crazy after all. We’re just paying attention. I encourage you to look into these things…I believe these issues should be at the forefront of American discussion.

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