Hello World…

So it’s been forever since I’ve updated my blog. I’ve been busy…with a thousand things. Blogging has always taken a backseat to doing in my life…

I also have a bad habit of writing long posts – many of which I start and inevitably do not finish for one reason or another.

One of these days, maybe some time next month, I’m going to write a memoir post about the primary use of free time for the last six months. I have a thousand things to say, but this music video pretty much sums it up for me. I’m attending the Washington State Republican Convention next week as an elected delegate, as well as assisting the coordination of the statewide Ron Paul faction, and this perfectly timed tune is my anthem.


Aimee Allen – Ron Paul Anthem

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  • paula May 27, 2008 Link

    jeff whiteside of Trader infamy?

  • Jeff Jun 14, 2008 Link

    Nope – different guy. Sorry.

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