The Music of 9/11 Truth

I do have to tell you that now that Ron Paul’s presidential campaign is mostly over for me, at least for me here in Washington and my neighbors in Idaho, it’s nice to actually have spare time to dedicate to such frivolous things as blogging. 🙂 I’m still considering going to Minneapolis/St. Paul for the Republican National Convention for the Campaign for Liberty rally, but that’s dependent on whether someone can lock down some serious land space nearby for camping and a genuine Ron-Fest.

So, I was cruising the ‘net, getting informed, as I often do…and I found this little gem – a 9/11 truth music video, the first to my knowledge. Gotta say, it’s a little catchy…and considering I mostly detest disco and wish it would just go away forever, it’s been rolling through my head ever since I heard it. You can see my thoughts on the 9/11 truth movement here, if you’re interested.


Hope you enjoy it.

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