Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty

The last year and a half of my life has brought about great transformation. Where I used to be a philosophical pessimist bent on arm-chair quarterbacking an ineffective bitch fest, I am now a decided and battle tested foe in the war against American civil liberties, personal privacy and individual freedom. What brought about this change?

Ron Paul.

It was with mixed emotion that I learned of the Ron Paul presidential campaign coming to an official end. On one hand, I have invested so much of my time, blood, sweat and tears as a grassroots activist for his bid for Presidency, and I’m wondering what I can do now that it’s clear that America has made two bad choices. On the other hand, though, I realized quite some time ago that mainstream America was not READY for Ron Paul and that this effort was more about the message than the man or a Presidential seat. It is an effort to steer America off this path of certain financial ruin, to preserve the original intent of our country and to stave off hundreds of powerful elitists that want as much control over mankind as possible.

I have been concerned for some time that this movement of freedom fighters inspired by Ron Paul would fracture into thousands of pieces and eventually and irrevocably be lost until the next great conservative comes along. I was hoping that Ron Paul would steer us in a right direction – a channel to funnel our energy into effectual change based around the principles we love and cherish. Freedom. Peace. Prosperity.

As I have frequently found the case, he and I share consistent concerns. I am happy to announce that Dr. Paul has done it right, yet again. He has announced phase two of his campaign – a much broader and
longer term project – the Campaign for Liberty. Essentially, it is an advocacy group to educate and inform the public, promote our common principles and insure the retention of this amazing network of some of the smartest people in America. There is no doubt there’s something amazing about this group – within 24 hours of the announcement of this new phase, almost 42,000 supporters have joined the new campaign and it’s growing by the minute.  These are numbers that can seriously change things, especially if they are a group that is paying attention, dedicated to the cause, and can focus their energy on the same things at the same time.

If you haven’t done so all ready, please consider joining the campaign. As always, keep learning.

Here’s the official announcement from Ron Paul:


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