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So, yeah, I’ve been quiet on here for a while.  Kind of a lot’s been going on lately.

First off, I’m sure some are interested in my take on the election.  Well…it is now known that Ron Paul will, in fact, not be our next president.  Instead, I’m seeing a euphoric and God awfully weird, manufactured messiahfest sweep across the nation.  I just hope these ignoramuses realize that if they want change, it’s the people that are actually going to change things.  I hope they’re prepared to make their chimp perform.  Sadly, I think the overwhelming majority of them think their vote is their highest civic duty and we’re going to see more of the same dressed up like “change” in the coming years.

Then again, we will likely be in for a bumpy ride here in the near future as we recoil from the effects of massive inflation caused by these serial bailouts, military occupations and seismic future obligations.  The way I see it, Obama’s going to be our escort into the New World Order.  Not exactly the kind of change I was looking for.

On a lighter note, my official home is now Missoula, Montana.  I made a decision to move here after being offered an opportunity to transfer within my company.  It’s a different world than Spokane, and I miss my many friends there…but a lot of things made sense about me moving to Montana.  Now that I live here, I can tell you it sucks and you would never want to live here.  😉

With that said, I’ve picked up my liberty and educational efforts here in my new state and have been actively participating in the Campaign For Liberty.  The new C4L site has proven to be a marvelous networking tool and could prove to be a game changer in coming years.  I’m just starting to get in touch with folks across the state, but this place is all ready starting to look like just as fertile ground for a statewide liberty coalition as Washington was.  There’s a lot of work that must be done to get there, though.

I’m conflicted about what else to write about…so, I guess I’ll call it a night and leave you with a video.


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