The State of Voter Fraud In America…

I’m not going to go on and say that this year’s presidential election results were in any way influenced by voter fraud.  I don’t have to.  To quote the best summation I’ve heard of Obama’s campaign, “The campaign he ran against the entrenched Clintons was one for the history books, and when the battle shifted to the final contest, his well-orchestrated efforts made the McCain campaign look like a high school production of Camille versus Obama’s Tony Award-winning Broadway version.”  Democrats could have gotten on the mic and sneezed and the American people would’ve voted for them.

It is more out my interest to educate people out there on what I feel are the core issues facing our country.  The issue of voter integrity is paramount, for, if we don’t have an election process that can be trusted and verified, the entire process of citizen rule is undermined.  This topic is probably too little, too late…considering we just had our election.  But, ongoing awareness certainly wouldn’t hurt anything.

I recently spent 36 minutes watching this video.  It is, hands down, the best documentary I’ve seen yet on voter fraud issues here in America.  This is an excellent way to spend 36 minutes of your life.


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